Can You Help?


Can you help


If you met Nicole during any of these travels, or saw her and can identify where she was staying, what buses she took, or someone she might have been travelling with, please contact us through this web site.
Even if you do not remember encountering Nicole, but were in Syria on the appropriate dates, we would appreciate if you would contact us.

Date Location Activities
Tuesday Mar 13 Left Aqaba, Jordan by mini-bus to Amman, Jordan
Wednesday Mar 14 Amman, Jordan Stayed in hostel.
Thursday Mar 15 Amman, Jordan Day trip to Dead Sea.  Multiple transport to get there.  Hitchhiked back to hostel with a Jordanian.
Friday Mar 16 Amman, Jordan Day trip to Jerash, Jordan.
Saturday Mar 17 Left Amman to Damascus, Syria. Arrived Damascus late afternoon. Explored town.  Met a Swiss man and had dinner with him.
Sunday Mar 18 Damascus, Syria Explored old city – churches, mosques, mausoleum, madrassa.
Monday Mar 19 Damascus, Syria Ran for 2 hours.  More exploring.  Evening at hostel socializing.
Tuesday Mar 20 Left Damascus to Beirut, Lebanon. Shared taxi with Frenchman living in Lebanon. Gave her helpful tips on what to do.  Spent afternoon strolling Corniche.
Wednesday Mar 21 Beirut, Lebanon Day trip to ruins of Baalbeck.  Checked out bars in evening.  Dinner by herself at hostel.
Thursday Mar 22 Beirut, Lebanon Day trip to Sidon/Saida. Visited soap museum, Debbane Palace, Greek Orthodox church. Checked out night life Rue Monot.
Friday Mar 23 Left Beirut to Byblos.  Looked around and then minibus to Tripoli. Stayed at Haddad Pension.  Quick tour of Tripoli.  Early bed.
Saturday Mar 24 Tripoli, Lebanon Day trip to Qadisha Valley (near Bcharre).  Minibuses and hitch hiked back to Tripoli.
Sunday Mar 25 Left Tripoli to Cruc de Chevaliers, Syria.  Continued from there to Palmyra by bus. Visited crusader castle in Crac de Chevaliers.  Met a couple of Czechs and a Slovenian on the bus.  Went to dinner with the Czech couple. Stayed at the Nossel Alkalaa hotel.
Monday Mar 26 Palmrya, Syria Late afternoon stroll to hillside tombs.
Tuesday Mar 27 Palmyra, Syria Explored ruins Temple of Bel, the Forum, the Tetrapylon, central avenue.  Picnic on terrace back at hostel.  Then hiked to muslim castle or Qala’at ibn Maan.
Wednesday Mar 28 Palmyra, Syria Late start.  Long bike ride into true Bedouin territory.
Thursday Mar 29 Left Palmyra to Homs to Hama on minibus. Checked into Cairo hotel early afternoon.  Explored the town, send emails, socialized in the hotel foyer.
Friday Mar 30 Hama, Syria Day trip to Apamea.  Multiple minibuses.
Saturday Mar 31 Hama, Syria Left Cairo hotel in morning - disappeared.