Clothes Nicole wearing
Clothes Nicole was wearing when she disappeared.

Nicole wearing hood Nicole's appearance wearing a hood.

Wind jacket
Nicole was carrying this wind jacket in her day pack.

Cap top viewCap with visor
Two views of Nicole's cap showing the Puma logo markings on the left side (Pouncing Puma) - large one of the top, a smaller one of the visor.

Cap logo magnifiedCap logo magnified.

Sunglasses 1Sunglasses 2
Two views of Nicole's sunglasses - one shows the shape of the sidearms.

Bag 2Bag 3
Two views of the day pack that Nicole had with her. First one shows the location of the Mountain Equipment Co-op logo.

Bag logo magnifiedMountain Equipment Co-op logo magnified.

Picture of the kind of camera Nicole had with her - an Olympus Stylus 300.

New Balance Running shoe.